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Standards of Care

Infection Control


At 99 Renfrew Street, we take infection control seriously, and follow all RCDSO guidelines when it comes to disinfection and sterilization processes. Each dental kit is individually wrapped in a recyclable package, numbered and dated, and is sterilized at a temp of 250 Degrees Fahrenheit for 30-40 minutes. Colour indicators let us know when the sterilization process has been successfully completed.

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo wooden toothbrushes with green br

We are aware of the impact of dental offices on the environment. Balancing between infection control and being eco-friendly can be a challenge. At 99 Renfrew Street we strive to reduce waste as much as possible. Disinfection of the dental office occurs on an hourly basis. We use an environmentally friendly cleaner (Optim 33TB Wipes) with activated hydrogen peroxide that breaks down into water and oxygen. Every dental kit used is wrapped in recyclable packaging prior to sterilization and disposed of accordingly once treatment is completed. We also use a Google Nest thermostat to minimize our energy usage.

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