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Our Philosophy

Having practiced dentistry for 50 years, Dr. Henry Laska has acquired the skills to provide patient care using a multi-disciplinary approach. Dr. Laska has a special interest in occlusion and neuromuscular dentistry, and by considering the biology of each individual patient, Dr. Laska has been able to treat more than just teeth and gums.

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

The masticatory system is extremely complex. It is made up primarily of bones, muscles, ligaments, and teeth. Movement is regulated by an intricate neurologic controlling mechanism. Each movement is coordinated to maximize function while minimizing damage to any structure. Precise movement of the mandible by the musculature is required to move the teeth efficiently across each other during function.


Sometimes, these different structures do not always work in harmony together. As a result, we are left with pain and dysfunction. In order to treat disease, pain, and dysfunction in the oral cavity, we must appreciate and understand the complexity of the system. Neuromuscular dentistry is the pursuit of establishing a harmonious relationship between the components of the masticatory system in order to improve your bite and quality of life.

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